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Recycling for Fisheries

We've got to start somewhere......

Bulk bags overflowing with used fishing ropes
Yard pile.jpg


Separating the ropes and nets is a great place to start. Sort by material and colour then place them in large bulk bags. 

Where possible remove any large foreign objects that may get caught in the recycling machinery.


Precleaning of the ropes and nets before processing prevents unwanted containments from entering the recycling machinery, blunting blades and build up up of organic matter. 

Where possible power wash the ropes and nets once they have reached their end of life.

Allow to dry thoroughly before packing into bulk bags. 

Fishing ropes hanging on a fence
Recycling symbol on a blue bin


We are talking with partners to create a convenient collection site in Port Lincoln, South Australia.

Make a start on cleaning and sorting wherever you can, it will make a difference. 

Stay tuned for more details. 

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