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Sandy Beach

Recycled plastic made from fishing ropes. 

Available for purchasing
* 2024
*green only
recycled polypropylene from fishing ropes

Why use recycled plastic?

Fishing nets & ropes are predominantly made from nylon, polypropylene and polyester, which are highly recyclable materials. 


We're starting with recycling polypropylene ropes, sourced from responsible fishing companies on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia.

Recycled polypropylene can be made into a number of different products including;

  • Automotive parts

  • Sports & leisure equipment

  • Storage containers

  • Housing for tools & devices

  • Toys etc

Why use recycled polypropylene?

  • Less energy required for processing*

  • Less carbon emissions*

  • Reduce the use of non-renewable 

  • Prevent landfill

  • Support regional growth

  • Create employment opportunities

  • Utilise post-consumer waste.


Be amongst the first to use locally recycled polypropylene from marine ropes. 


Available on request, ATSM testing undertaken to demonstrate material properties. 

Currently the ropes & nets from the fishing industry are not recycled and may end up as landfill or is stockpiled on site and in some cases ends up dumped in our oceans, contributing significantly to ocean pollution.

Hence the term - ocean-bound plastic. 

Ocean-bound plastic is any discarded plastic material within 50 kilometers of our precious seas, streams, rivers, and lakes that is likely to enter the ocean.

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