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Beautiful Ocean

Changing the way conscious consumers purchase plastic goods

Clair Crowley


Ocean Kind is changing the way conscious consumers purchase plastic goods.

We're creating a solution for the South Australian fishing industry to responsibly dispose of their waste and in turn drive a circular economy so that plastic manufacturers can have access to locally recycled materials. 

We can do this by building a purpose built recycling facility that diverts fishing ropes and nets from going to landfill or being dumped in our oceans. 

Founded in late 2022 by Clair Crowley, a social entrepreneur who values inclusion, sustainability and social impact. Previously, Clair successfully influenced the Australian tourism industry to improve their experiences for the accessible travel community. 


Based on Kaurna Land, Adelaide, South Australia, Ocean Kind is a social enterprise looking for partners who support the vision to recycle fishing industry waste onshore.

Taking Action

Changing the way conscious consumer purchase plastic goods

Recycling Bins
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Ocean Kind participated in the 2022 Heaps Good Hustle Circular Economy Incubator funded by Green Industries SA in partnership with Collab4Good and Start Some Good

Together we can create a circular economy. Learn more..

Australian Micro Recycling

Member of the Australian Micro Recycling Association, who are leading the way in resource recovery, recycling, and remanufacturing of micro plastics, propelling Australia's transition towards a circular economy.


Ocean Kind is a purpose driven business.

We aim to leave things better than we found them. 


We are proudly owned and operated in Australia.


Sustainability is ingrained in our foundation and carries through our approach to people, profit and planet.


Our aim is to create a work integrated social enterprise that values equality and inclusion.


Adelaide, South Australia


0400 131 931



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